Dancla : Study Op. 84, No. 32

Study in D Major, Op. 84, No. 32 (Don Giovanni)

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Dancla, Charles (1817-1907)
Sheet music for : Violin solo

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Study in D Major, Op. 84, No. 32 (Don Giovanni)

Il mio tesoro intanto - Melodious and Very Easy Study - Étude mélodique et très facile - Etude

This Study Opus 84, No. 32 by Charles Dancla is based on the aria Il mio tesoro intanto from the opera Don Giovanni by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This opera was first performed in Prague on October 29, 1787.

The aria Il mio tesoro intanto is a famous tenor aria from Don Giovanni, in which Don Ottavio tries to comfort Donna Anna's pain after her father has been murdered by Don Giovanni.

This study is to be played in the first and third positions.

It has the following musical form :
  • Mm. 1-7 : Phrase A, going from the tonic (D Major) to the dominant (A Major)
  • Mm. 8-11 : Phrase B in A Major, modulating back to D Major
  • Mm. 12-16 : Phrase C in D Major, ending in an open cadence
  • Mm. 17-21: Phrase C' similar to Phrase C, but this time ending in a perfect cadence
  • Mm. 22-27 : Phrase A', similar to Phrase A, but remaining in the main key of D Major
  • Mm. 28-end : Coda in D Major, featuring bariolage over the three upper strings, and ending in a beautiful ascending 2-octave D Major arpeggio.
In this study, the violinist should try, with his bow, to imitate the tone and expressive phrasing of a singer.

In Dancla's own words, bariolage is to be performed with a long bow, and the violinist should be careful to play all the notes evenly.

Duration : 02:32

Source : Charles Dancla, 36 Études mélodiques et très faciles pour le violon [36 Melodious and Very Easy Studies for the Violin], Op. 84.

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