Dancla : Study Opus 84, No. 17

Study in G Major, Op. 84, No. 17

Dancla, Charles (1817-1907)
Sheet music for : Violin solo

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Study in G Major, Op. 84, No. 17

Melodious and Very Easy Study - Étude mélodique et très facile - Etude

This Study in G Major, Op. 84, No. 17 by Charles Dancla is an excellent easy-level study for the development of bowing technique.

In particular, this study focuses on the use of the whole bow for détaché and dotted rythms as well as sautillé bowing in the middle of the bow.

It is preceded with an exercise in whole bow détaché and dotted rythms in the key of G Major.

Dancla gives the following advice for this Study Op. 84, No. 17 :

Play both the down-bow quarter note and the up-bow dotted eighth note with the whole bow, and then play the sixteenth note at the frog, with as much vivacity as if it were a thirty-second note.

Duration : 00:45

Source : Charles Dancla, 36 Études mélodiques et très faciles pour le violon [36 Melodious and Very Easy Studies for the Violin], Op. 84.

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