Wohlfahrt : Study Op. 45, No. 10

Study in A Major, Op. 45, No. 10

Wohlfahrt, Franz (1833-1884)
Sheet music for : Violin solo

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Study in A Major, Op. 45, No. 10

Étude - Etude

This Study Op. 45, No. 10 by Franz Wohlfahrt is made up entirely of the bowing pattern two slurred, two detached.

It is to be practiced both slowly, with whole bows and then faster, with short and rapid strokes in the middle of the bow.

This study is also quite challenging for intonation.

In particular, great care must be taken to play the G# (on the D string) high enough while playing the following D natural (on the A string) not too high (see measure 1).

Moreover, the violinist should keep the string crossings very clean at all times.

Duration : 00:20

Source : Franz Wohlfahrt, Sixty Studies for Violin, Op. 45.

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