Turk : Strumming is part of our job

Strumming is part of our job, Book I, No. 29

Türk, Daniel Gottlob (1750-1813)
Sheet music for : Piano

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Strumming is part of our job, Book I, No. 29

Handstucke fur angehende Klavierspieler - Pieces for Aspiring Players

This cheerful work Strumming is Part of our Job is the twenty-ninth piece in Daniel Gottlob Türk's Handstücke für angehende Klavierspieler.

It is set in the key of C Major.

This score contains suggestions for performing the ornaments in accordance with the performance practice of the Classical period.

In particular, turns (as in measure 1) are played ON the beat, and they begin on the note above the written note.

Also, short appoggiaturas (measure 12) are played very rapidly, ON the beat, so that the main note loses almost none of its value.

Moreover, Türk explains his choice of a title in a footnote : My use of a commonplace Alberti bass explains the title.

Duration : 00:42

Source : Daniel Gottlob Türk, 120 Handstücke für angehende Klavierspieler (1792 and 1795)

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