Turk : As it really should be

As it really should be, Book I, No. 18

Türk, Daniel Gottlob (1750-1813)
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As it really should be, Book I, No. 18

Handstucke fur angehende Klavierspieler - Pieces for Aspiring Players - Book 1

This easy minuet As It Really Should Be is the eighteenth piece in Daniel Gottlob Türk's Handstücke für angehende Klavierspieler.

It is set in the key of F Major.

In a footnote, Türk explains his odd title, saying that a minuet should have a two-part texture, while the trio (if there is one) should have a three-part texture.

Note that there is no trio in this particular work.

This score contains suggestions for performing the ornaments in accordance with the performance practice of the Classical period.

In particular, trills are played ON the beat, beginning on the upper auxiliary note.

Moreover, the dynamics pf in measures 2 and 4 are to be interpreted as poco forte, that is, louder than p, but softer than mf.

Duration : 01:00

Source : Daniel Gottlob Türk, 120 Handstücke für angehende Klavierspieler (1792 and 1795)

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