Trott : Melodious Double Stops Book I, No. 6

Melodious Double Stops, Book I, No. 6

Trott, Josephine (1874-1950)
Sheet music for : Violin solo

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Melodious Double Stops, Book I, No. 6

Mélodies en Doubles Cordes, Livre I, No. 6

This slow and quiet study in G minor is the sixth of 30 short studies in Josephine Trott's Melodious Double Stops (Book I).

This album was first published in 1925.

In this particular study, Ms. Trott points out that one of the two notes is invariably an open string.

Also, Ms. Trott stresses the importance of keeping the fingers on the string as much as possible : Do not lift fingers until necessary.

This study No. 6 from Book I of Melodious Double Stops is appropriate for Grade 3 violin students.

Duration : 00:46

Source : Josephine Trott, Melodious Double Stops (1925 and 1931).

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