Telemann Fantasia 12 Vivace

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Fantasia no. 12, TWV 40:25 (2/3 : Vivace) -- Urtext

Telemann, Georg Philipp (1681-1767)

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Fantasia no. 12, TWV 40:25 (2/3 : Vivace) -- Urtext

Fantaisie in A minor - Second movement : Vivace

This Vivace is the second of three movements in Georg Philipp Telemann's Fantasia no. 12 in A minor, TWV 40:25.

It is appropriate for Grade 8 violin students.

Telemann's Fantasia no. 12, TWV 40:25 consists of three movements :

Please note that this score contains ornaments (here, appoggiaturas and trills) which should be performed in accordance with the performance practice of the Baroque period.

In particular, appoggiaturas are played on the beat and take up one half of the main note's value.

Moreover, trills are to begin on the beat, starting on the upper auxiliary note.

Please note also the following points about this Urtext edition :

  • We suggest adding trills in measures 2, 34, 52, 54 and 66
  • In measure 37, fourth note, we suggest playing F#4 even though the sharp (#) sign does not appear in the manuscript
  • The slur in measure 43 is editorial (see the similar context in measure 46)
  • The upbow (V) indication in measure 50 is editorial
  • In measure 69, the slur is editorial

Syllabus : RCM Violin Syllabus - 2021 Edition - Grade 8

Duration : 01:35

Source : Georg Philipp Telemann, 12 Fantasias for violin without bass, TWV 40:14-25 (Hamburg, 1735)

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