Tchaikovsky : The Doll's Funeral, Op. 39, No. 8

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The Doll's Funeral, Op. 39, No. 8

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Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Il'yich (1840-1893)
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The Doll's Funeral, Op. 39, No. 8

L'Enterrement de la poupée - Album for the Young

This mournful piece The Doll's Funeral, Op. 39, No. 8 is the eighth of 24 pieces in Tchaikovsky's Album for the Young.

It was first published by Jurgenson in 1878 as No. 7.

Tchaikovsky's The Doll's Funeral is written in the key of C minor.

It is appropriate for Grade 4 piano students.

This piano piece The Doll's Funeral by Tchaikovsky features an A-B-A musical form :
  1. Section A (measures 1 to 16) : two similar 8-bar phrases, the first one ending on the dominant and the second one closing on the tonic

  2. Section B (measures 17 tp 32) : the central section, featuring a long crescendo towards the top of the phrase at measure 29

  3. Section A (measures 33 to 48) : identical to measures 1 to 16
Please note that in this score, the slurs and dynamics are faithful to Tchaikovsky's autograph manuscript.

Please note also that in measure 23, in the left hand, some editors give different notes than F3-A3 as shown in this score.

However, Tchaikovsky's autograph of this piece clearly shows F3-A3.

Duration : 01:49

Source : Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky, Album for the Young [Detskii Albom], Op. 39 (Moscow : P. Jurgenson, 1878).

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