Violin : A Major Scale & Arpeggio - Grade 2

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A Major Scale & Arpeggio

Caux, Marie-Andrée (ed.)
Sheet music for : Violin solo

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A Major Scale & Arpeggio

Two octaves in the first position

This A Major Scale & Arpeggio for Grade 2 violin students covers two octaves over the four strings.

It is to be played entirely in the first position.

First, the violin student should practice the scale and arpeggio in détaché in all parts of the bow : from the middle to the tip (square position), from the frog to the middle, and then with grand détaché (whole bow détaché).

Second, the violin student can practice the scale and arpeggio in spiccato, by playing each note 4 times, 3 times, twice and finally just once.

Third, we suggest bowing patterns to be played with a strict whole bow division.

At all times, the violin student should pay attention to these very important points :
  • Precise intonation
  • Beautiful and resonant tone
  • Good posture and bow hold
  • First finger on the string
  • Straight bow
  • Constant bow speed and pressure
It is a good idea to practice in front of a mirror, with the strings of the violin parallel to the mirror.

Duration : 00:41

Source : Marie-Andrée Caux, Scales and Arpeggios for Violin (2013).

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