Viola : D minor Scales & Arpeggio - Grade 1

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D minor Scales & Arpeggio

Caux, Marie-Andrée (ed.)
Sheet music for : Viola solo

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D minor Scales & Arpeggio

One octave in first position - Harmonic and melodic minor

The key of D minor is based on the note D.

The harmonic minor scale includes the pitches D-E-F-G-A-Bb-C#, and is identical going up and going down.

The melodic minor scale includes the pitches D-E-F-G-A-B-C# going up, but changes to C natural and B flat going down.

The key signature of D minor has one flat : B flat.

Its relative major key is F Major.

These scales and arpeggio of D minor are appropriate for Grade 1 viola students.

They are to be played in first position, starting on the open D string.

We recommend that the student learns the lower tetrachord (on the D string) and the upper tetrachords (on the A string) before putting them together to create the D harmonic minor scale and the D melodic minor scale.

We also suggest a variety of rhythm patterns to be played on each note.

For better control of the bow by young viola students, be sure to use short bow strokes in the upper half of the bow.

This form of détaché bowing is to be played by moving the right forearm only, in the square position.

Then the viola student can play two-note slurs, first in the upper half of the bow, and then using the whole bow.

Duration : 01:23

Source : Marie-Andrée Caux, Scales & Arpeggios for Viola (2013).

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