Rieding : Hungarian Concertino, Op. 21

Concertino in A minor, Op. 21 (in Hungarian Style)

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Rieding, Oskar (1840-1918)
Sheet music for : Violin and piano

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Concertino in A minor, Op. 21 (in Hungarian Style)

Concerto in Hungarian style - in ungarischer Weise

This Concertino in Hungarian style, Op. 21 [Concertino in ungarischer Weise] by Oskar Rieding in a most attractive piece for intermediate-level violin students.

This violin concertino is made up of four sections which are played without stop :
  1. Andante sostenuto : measures 1 to 24
  2. Allegro moderato : measures 25 to 149
  3. Andante sostenuto : measures 150 to 158
  4. Allegro moderato : measures 159 to 248
This concertino can be played in the first to fourth positions.

It uses legato and détaché bowings and features a strong Hungarian character.

Duration : 07:22

Source : Oskar Rieding, Concertos and Concertinos for Violin.

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