Purcell : Saraband Z. D219/2

Saraband in D Major, Z. D219/2 -- Urtext

Purcell, Henry (1659-1695)
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Saraband in D Major, Z. D219/2 -- Urtext

Almand - Borry - Sarabande - Sarabanda

This piece has no title in the source. The term Saraband [Sarabande] has been chosen by the editor based on the character of the music.

Moreover, the letter D in the Zimmermann catalogue number indicates that this is a work of doubtful authenticity.

This Saraband in D Major, Z. D219/2 is an easy dance movement attributed to Henry Purcell.

In accordance with the performance practice of the English Baroque period, the quarter notes should be played slightly detached in both hands.

Also, please take note that the editor has provided in this score suggestions for the correct realization of ornaments in accordance with the Rules for Graces as stated in The Harpsichord Master (1697) and which were, according to the title page, given with the knowledge and consent of Henry Purcell.

These ornaments are :
  • The shake (English name for trill), in measures 1, 8 and 16
  • The backfall, in measure 3
Furthermore, the editor suggests adding a shake in mm. 4 and 12, similarly to the shake in mm. 8 and 16.

Such cadential trills were customarily added by performers of the Baroque era even if not indicated by the composer.

Duration : 00:29

Source : Henry Purcell, Miscellaneous Keyboard Works.

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