Purcell : Minuet in E minor

Minuet in E minor

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Purcell, Henry (1659-1695)
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Minuet in E minor


This Minuet in E minor by Henry Purcell is an easy dance movement typical of the English Baroque period.

It has the following A-B musical form :
  • Mm. 1-4 : Phrase A-1, in the main key of E minor
  • Mm. 5-8 : Phrase A-2, modulating to the relative major key (G Major)
  • Mm. 9-12 : Phrase B-1, starting in G Major, but modulating back to E minor
  • Mm. 13-16 : Phrase B-2, resembling A-1, in the main key of E minor, and ending in a perfect cadence
In accordance with English Baroque performance practice, the quarter notes should be played slightly detached in both hands.

Also, please take note that the editor has provided in this score suggestions for the correct realization of ornaments :
  • The backfall, in measure 3 (last beat)
  • The backfall and shake (English name for trill), in measure 4
Furthermore, the editor suggests adding a backfall and shake in measure 12, similarly to measure 4.

We also recommend adding a double ascending appogiatura in measure 6 (last beat), and a passing note in measure 7 (first beat).

This Minuet is interesting in that the left hand seems to answer the right hand in both measures 2 and 9.

Duration : 00:58

Source : Henry Purcell, Miscellaneous Keyboard Works.

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