Purcell : Minuet Z. 649

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Minuet in A minor, Z. 649

Purcell, Henry (1659-1695)
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Minuet in A minor, Z. 649


This Minuet in A minor, Z. 649 was composed by Henry Purcell during the Baroque period.

It was first published in London in 1689 in a collection called The Second Part of Musick's Hand-maid.

This is an Urtext edition based on this first edition.

Please note that the title Minuet does not appear in the source and is thus editorial

Please note also that this score contains suggestions for performing the ornaments (here : beats, shakes and mordents) in accordance with the performance practice of the English Baroque period.

In particular, all ornaments are played ON the beat.

Also, trills (shakes) begin on the upper auxiliary note.

We have taken some of our suggestons from the Rules for Graces, a table of ornaments and their execution included in The Harpsichord Master (1697) and to which Purcell gave his consent.

When performing this minuet, the pianist may very well repeat the first and/or second phrase(s).

Duration : 00:50

Source : Henry Purcell, Works from The Second Part of Musick's Hand-maid (London, 1689).

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