Neufville : Sarabande in G minor

Sarabande in G minor

Neufville, Johann Jakob de (1684-1712)
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Sarabande in G minor

Adagio con espressione

This Sarabande in G minor by Johann Jakob de Neufville is a work from the German Baroque period.

It has the following A-A-B-B musical form :
  • Measures 1-8 : Phrase A entirely in the main key of G minor
  • Measures 9-28 : Phrase B starting in the relative major key of B flat Major and modulating back to G minor in measure 17
The Sarabande is to be played rather slowly, with exaggeration of the dotted rhythm : a dotted quarter note followed by an eighth note becomes a double-dotted quarter note followed by a sixteenth note.

While playing this piece, the pianist or harpsichordist must give great care to the ornamentation and style typical to the Sarabande, and especially to the double dotted rhythm which is probably its main characteristic.

In particular, the following points are important :
  • All dotted quarter notes must be performed as double dotted and followed by a sixteenth note rather than an eighth note. This applies to all occurences of this rhythmic figure
  • The dotted quarter note is to be slightly accented and often ornamented with a trill, mordent or appoggiatura
  • The first note of the trill may be slightly prolonged to add an elegant touch of dissonance
In order to assist you in playing the ornaments in accordance with Baroque performance practice, the editor has included in this score suggestions for the correct realization of the ornaments.

Duration : 02:50

Source : Johann Jakob de Neufville, Miscellaneous Keyboard Pieces.

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