Mozart : Menuet K 315g, No. 1

Menuet in C Major, K 315g, No. 1

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791)
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Menuet in C Major, K 315g, No. 1

Minuet and Trio in F Major, K 315a, K6 315g

This Menuet and Trio K 315g, No. 1, in the key of C Major, is accompanied by a trio in the key of F Major.

The appoggiaturas are to be played very rapidly, and on the beat.

Please note that as Mozart did not provide any dynamics for this work, the dynamics given in this score are editorial suggestions.

Duration : 02:40

Source : Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 8 Menuets with Trios, K 315g. Composed in Salzburg in late 1773.

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