Mozart : Menuet II K 6

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Menuet II in F Major, K 6 -- Urtext

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791)
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Menuet II in F Major, K 6 -- Urtext

Minuet - Menuett 2 KV 6 from the Notebook for Nannerl

This Menuet II in F Major, K 6 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is part of the Notebook for Nannerl Mozart [Notenbuch für Maria Anna (Nannerl) Mozart], 1759-1764.

The original manuscript for this Menuet is in the hand of Leopold Mozart and is dated Salzburg, July 16, 1762 (Wolfgang was then six years old).

This sheet music is the original version, as found in the Notebook for Nannerl Mozart.

This menuet was later arranged to include a light accompanying violin part, as was often done in Mozart's time.

Together with Menuetto I in C Major, K 6, this setting for keyboard and violin forms the third movement of Mozart's Sonata in C Major for Keyboard or Keyboard and Violin, K 6, which was first published in 1764.

Please note that this score contains suggestions for performing the ornaments (in this case, appoggiaturas) in accordance with the performance practice of the Classical period.

Note also that the appoggiatura at measure 22 is an editorial suggestion.

Duration : 01:12

Source : Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Pieces from the Notebook for Nannerl Mozart.

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