Mozart : Klavierstuck K 15r

Klavierstück in G minor, K 15r -- Urtext

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791)
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Klavierstück in G minor, K 15r -- Urtext

KV 15r - Anhang 109b, No. 7 from the London Notebook

This Klavierstück in G minor, K 15r by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is part of the London Notebook (London, 1765).

This score of Mozart's K 15r (Anhang 109b, No. 7) is an Urtext edition based on the above-mentioned source.

The title Klavierstück does NOT appear in the source and is thus editorial.

This work features a binary musical form : A-A-B-B.

Moreover, this score contains suggestions for realizing the ornaments in accordance with the performance practice of the early Classical period.

These ornaments are appoggiaturas (measure 56) : appoggiaturas are played on the beat, and they usually take up two thirds of the main note's value if the main note is dotted, as it is here. However, in order to avoid the dissonance with the left hand, we suggest that the appoggiatura in measure 56 should take up only one third of the main note's value.

Please note also that the following alterations are editorial :
  • Measures 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9 : F# (both hands)
  • Measures 15, 17 and 19 : D flat (right hand)
  • Measure 38-40 : D flat (both hands)
  • Measures 47 : B natural (left hand)
  • Measures 51-52 : B natural (right hand)
  • Measure 55 : F# (left hand)
  • Measure 59 : F# (right hand)
Also, in measure 6, the upper G is editorial (right hand, downbeat) and has been added for the sake of conformity with measure 8.

Young Wolfgang was only 8 years old when he composed this work!

Duration : 02:15

Source : Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, London Sketchbook (London, 1764-1765)

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