Kayser : Study Op. 20, No. 8 - Viola

Study Op. 20, No. 8

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Kayser, Heinrich Ernst (1815-1888)
Sheet music for : Viola solo

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Study Op. 20, No. 8

Étude - Etude in G Major - Elementary and Progressive

This score is a transcription of Study Op. 20, No. 8 by Heinrich Ernst Kayser, which was originally composed for the violin : Study Op. 20, No. 8 for Violin.

This Study Op. 20, No. 8 by Heinrich Ernst Kayser is excellent for practicing whole bow slurs.

The violist should be careful so that the second beat of each measure corresponds to the middle of the bow, thus yielding an equal bow division.

It is also advisable to practice this study with two measures per bow (12 note slurs).

Moreover, the violist can play this study in détaché and in spiccato.

Whenever possible, try to keep the left-hand fingers on the fingerboard and have a relaxed and quiet left hand.

Duration : 03:06

Source : Heinrich Ernst Kayser, 36 Elementary and Progressive Studies for the violin, Op. 20.

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