Haydn : Sonata Hob. XVI:9 (II)

Sonata Hob. XVI:9 (II : Menuet & Trio) -- Urtext

Haydn, Franz Joseph (1732-1809)
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Sonata Hob. XVI:9 (II : Menuet & Trio) -- Urtext

Divertimento - Sonatina Landon 3 in F Major

This Menuet & Trio is the second movement of the Sonata Hob. XVI:9 in F Major by Franz Joseph Haydn.

Please note that this score contains suggestions for playing the ornaments (in this case, trills, appoggiaturas and turns) in accordance with the performance practice of the Classical period.

In particular, the keyboard player must remember that all ornaments begin ON the beat, and that trills begin on the upper auxiliary note.

In trills, more or less repercussions may be played depending on the player's taste and ability.

The appoggiaturas in measures 14, 18 and 39 are subject to the following rule by Joachim Quantz : When a rest follows a note, the appoggiatura receives the value of the note, and the note the value of the rest.

We suggest adding trills to measures 20, 35 and 43.

We also suggest adding a turn to the C on the first beat of measure 11 for the sake of uniformity with measure 1.

Also, in measure 5, the three lower notes of the left hand (between parentheses) are suggestions of the editor but do not appear in the source.

Duration : 04:00

Source : Franz Joseph Haydn, Sonatas for Keyboard, Hob. XVI

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