Haydn : Sonata Hob XVI:12 (III)

Sonata Hob. XVI:12 (III : Finale) -- Urtext

Haydn, Franz Joseph (1732-1809)
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Sonata Hob. XVI:12 (III : Finale) -- Urtext

Divertimento in A Major, Landon 12 - III : Finale

This Finale is the third and last movement in Franz Joseph Haydn's Sonata in A Major, Hob. XVI:12, Landon 12.

This sonata - also called Divertimento - is known to have been composed before 1767.

The authenticity of this sonata remains questionable.

Although Haydn often used rondo forms for finales, this one features a compressed sonata form :
  • Exposition (theme 1 at m. 1 and theme 2 at m. 5)
  • Short development (m. 29)
  • Recapitulation (m. 36) with proper key relationships
Moreover, the second theme makes a brief but charming incursion in the minor mode.

This score contains suggestions for performing the ornaments in accordance with Classical-style performance practice.

The ornament in m. 1 is called a half-mordent. It consists of a quick turn so often used by Haydn that it became known as the Haydn ornament. It is to be played rapidly and with the crisp snap typical of Haydn's style.

Please note that the ties at measures 30 and 31 do not appear in the source but are appropriate musically.

Duration : 02:05

Source : Franz Joseph Haydn, Sonatas for Keyboard, Hob. XVI

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