Haydn : Menuet Hob. IX:3, No. 9

Menuet in C Major, Hob. IX:3, No. 9

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Haydn, Franz Joseph (1732-1809)
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Menuet in C Major, Hob. IX:3, No. 9

Minuet Hoboken IX:3, No. 9

This Menuet in C Major is the ninth of twelve menuets in Haydn's 12 Menuetti, Hob. IX:3.

The player should pay careful attention to the ornaments in this menuet :
  • Half-mordents, also known as Haydn ornaments because Haydn uses them so often, are quick turns which should be played with an incisive snap typical of Baroque performance practice
  • Appoggiaturas should be played ON the beat of the main note, lasting two-thirds of its value. They should be slightly accented and slurred into the main note
  • Trills begin on the upper auxiliary note, ON the beat
Please note that Haydn did not provide any dynamics for this menuet.

Duration : 01:12

Source : Franz Joseph Haydn, Zwölf Menuette (Menuetti), Hob. IX:3 (ca 1763-1767)

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