Haydn : Menuet Hob. IX:3, No. 10

Menuet in F Major, Hob. IX:3, No. 10

Haydn, Franz Joseph (1732-1809)
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Menuet in F Major, Hob. IX:3, No. 10

Minuet Hoboken IX:3, No. 10

This Menuet in F Major is the tenth of twelve menuets in Haydn's 12 Menuetti, Hob. IX:3.

The player should pay careful attention to the ornaments in this menuet :
  • Half-mordents, also known as Haydn ornaments because Haydn uses them so often, are quick turns which should be played with an incisive snap typical of Baroque performance practice
  • Appoggiaturas should be played ON the beat of the main note, lasting one half its value. They should be slightly accented and slurred into the main note.
Please note that Haydn did not provide any dynamics for this menuet.

Duration : 01:27

Source : Franz Joseph Haydn, Zwölf Menuette (Menuetti), Hob. IX:3 (ca 1763-1767)

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