Liebes Mädchen, hör mir zu - B flat Major

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Liebes Mädchen, hör mir zu - B flat Major

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Haydn, Franz Joseph (1732-1809)
Sheet music for : Voice (5/6 : Low) and piano

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Liebes Mädchen, hör mir zu - B flat Major

Liebes Madchen hor mir zu - Ständchen - Serenade - Hob. XXVIa:D1

This song Liebes Mädchen, hör mir zu, Hob. XXVIa:D1 was composed during the Classical period.

It is attributed to Franz Joseph Haydn, although it could also have been composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

This score is set in the key of B flat Major.

The vocal range is C4 to C5 (C4 = middle C).

The voice part is appropriate for Grade 4 singers.

Please note that this score includes the complete lyrics in German.

For performance, we recommend that the piano plays the last two measures as an introduction and interlude, as shown in our video of this score.

Also, in order to accomodate different vocal ranges, this score is offered in the following keys :

Duration : 01:10

Source : Franz Joseph Haydn, Songs and Cantatas with Keyboard, Hob. XXVI

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