Hasse : Polonaise BWV Anhang 130

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Polonaise in G Major, BWV Anhang 130 -- Urtext

Hasse, Johann Adolf (1699-1783)
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Polonaise in G Major, BWV Anhang 130 -- Urtext

Polonaise from the Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach

This beautiful Polonaise in G Major, BWV Anhang 130 is the 29th entry in Anna Magdalena Bach's Notebook.

Johann Sebastian Bach gave this notebook to his wife Anna Magdalena in 1725.

Over the years, the notebook was filled with favorite selections of the members of the Bach family.

This score is an Urtext based on the original manuscripts available.

This Polonaise BWV Anhang 130 by Johann Adolf Hasse has a simple A-A-B-B musical form :
  • Measures 1-8 : Phrase A (played twice) in the main key of G Major
  • Measures 9-28 : Phrase B (played twice) beginning in the dominant key of D Major and modulating back to G Major in measure 18
In accordance with Baroque performance practice, remember that unslurred quarter notes should be played slightly detached, especially in the left hand.

Please note that for your convenience, the editor has included in this score suggestions for the realization of the ornaments :
  • Appogiaturas : (measures 2, 4 and others) are played ON the beat and take up one half on the main note's value
  • Mordents : (measure 2) begin ON the beat, on the main note, and are played very rapidly
  • Trills : (measures 8, 10 and others) begin ON the beat, on the upper auxiliary note. More on less repercussions may be played depending on the player's ability
When an appoggiatura is combined with a mordent or trill (as in measures 2 or 8), the appoggiatura takes up half of the value of the note and thus the mordent or trill is delayed until the second half.

Duration : 02:30

Source : Johann Adolf Hasse, Miscellaneous Keyboard Pieces.

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