Handel :  Impertinence HWV 494

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Impertinence, HWV 494 -- Urtext

Handel, George Frideric (1685-1759)
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Impertinence, HWV 494 -- Urtext

Bourrée in G minor - Bourée

This bourrée entitled Impertinence, HWV 494 by George Frideric Handel was composed during the Baroque period.

It has a simple A-A-B-B musical form :
  • Measures 1-8 : Phrase A (played twice) in the main key of G minor
  • Measures 9-20 : Phrase B (played twice) beginning in the relative key of B flat Major and modulating back to G minor in measure 14
The use of the title Impertinence is a rare instance of a programmatic title in Handel's work.

Although originally composed for the harpsichord, this bourrée can very well be played on the piano.

In accordance with Baroque performance practice, remember that unslurred quarter notes should be played slightly detached, especially in the left hand.

Please note that for your convenience, the editor has included in this score suggestions for the realization of the cadential trills in measures 7 and 19.

In particular, trills begin ON the beat, on the upper auxiliary note.

More on less repercussions may be played depending on the player's ability.

Duration : 01:06

Source : George Frideric Handel, Miscellaneous Movements & Dances for Keyboard, HWV 457-586

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