Gurlitt : Tandelei, Op. 197, No. 8

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Tändelei, Op. 197, No. 8

Gurlitt, Cornelius (1820-1901)
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Tändelei, Op. 197, No. 8

Taendelei - Little Conversation - Badinage

This lovely piece Tändelei, Op. 197, No. 8, also known as Little Conversation or Badinage was composed by Cornelius Gurlitt during the Romantic period.

It is part of the album Der Hausfreund : 12 kleine Tonstücke, beide Hände im Umfange von 5 Tönen, Op. 197 [Fireside Fancies : 12 Little Tone-Pictures on Five Notes].

This Little Conversation is appropriate for Grade 1 piano students.

It is set in the key of D Major.

It is to be played in the five-finger position with the right thumb and left little finger on the note D.

The musical structure of this short piece is :
  • Phrase A : measures 1 to 8, played by the right hand
  • Phrase A : measures 9 to 16, played one octave lower by the left hand
  • Phrase B : measures 17 to 24, a short contrasting section played by both hands
  • Phrase A' : measures 25 to 32, intertwined between both hands

Duration : 00:54

Source : Cornelius Gurlitt, Der Hausfreund, Op. 197.

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