Graupner : Bourree in D minor

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Bourrée in D minor

Graupner, Christoph (1683-1760)
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Bourrée in D minor

Bourree - From Notebook for Wolfgang

This tuneful Bourrée in D minor was composed by Christoph Graupner during the Baroque period.

A similar version, in the key of E minor, appears in Leopold Mozart's Notebook for Wolfgang (1762).

Thus this Bourrée has long been attribued to Leopold Mozart himself.

Please note that in this score, the dynamics and phrasing are editorial and should be regarded as mere suggestions to the player.

Also, according to the performance practice of the Baroque period, the quarter notes in this bourrée should be played slightly detached unless otherwise indicated.

Also, we suggest adding cadential trills to measures 7 and 15, as was customarily done during the Baroque and Classical periods.

Finally, in measures 3 and 6, some editions show an A3 instead of C#3, as is the case in measure 15.

Duration : 00:59

Source : Christoph Graupner, Miscellaneous Keyboard Pieces.

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