Le bon roi Dagobert

Le bon roi Dagobert

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Sheet music for : Violin and piano

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Le bon roi Dagobert

King Dagobert

Le bon roi Dagobert [Good King Dagobert] is a French folk song featuring King Dagobert (roi Dagobert) and Saint Eligius (saint Éloi), two historical figures from the Middle Ages.

The song was created around the year 1790.

It is based upon a much older hunting song called La fanfare du grand cerf.

The lyrics were written over a long period of time by various anonymous authors.

They refer sarcastically to well-known figures such as Louis XVI or Napoleon I.

This score is an arrangement of Le bon roi Dagobert for easy violin and piano.

It is to be played entirely in the first position.

Written in the key of A Major, this simple melody uses only the five notes A-B-C-D-E on the A string.

It is a good occasion to practice whole bow slurs.

For your greater enjoyment, the violin part contains the lyrics in French (7 verses).

Duration : 00:23 per verse

Source : French Folk Songs

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