Diabelli : Sonatina Op. 168, No. 4 (1/3 : Allegro moderato)

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Sonatina in B flat Major, Op. 168, No. 4 (1/3 : Allegro moderato)

Diabelli, Anton (1781-1858)
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Sonatina in B flat Major, Op. 168, No. 4 (1/3 : Allegro moderato)

Sonatine - Sonata - Sonate - First movement : Allegro moderato

This Allegro moderato is the first of three movements in Anton Diabelli's Sonatina in B flat Major, Op. 168, No. 4.

It features the traditional Classical sonatina form :
  • Mm. 1-24 : Exposition of the first theme in B flat Major (mm. 1-8) and then the second theme in the dominant key of F Major (mm. 9-17). A short codetta in F Major (mm. 18-24) concludes this exposition.
  • Mm. 25-44 : Development starting with the main theme in F Major and eventually modulating back to B flat Major
  • Mm. 45-67 : Recapitulation this time with both the first and second themes and codetta in B flat Major
  • Mm. 68-end : Coda reinforcing the main key of B flat Major
This sonatina movement is appropriate for Grade 7 pianists.

In measures 18-19 and 62-63, the short appogiaturas are to be played very quickly, almost simultaneously with the following main note.

Please note that the editor has added a G natural in measure 21 : although not present in most modern editions, it clearly appears in the source in the recapitulation in measure 65.

Duration : 03:46

Source : Anton Diabelli, Musikalische Morgenstunden einer Woche. 7 Sonatinen, Op. 168 (Vienna : A. Diabelli und Comp., 1839)

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