Clarke : Minuet in C minor

Minuet in C minor -- Urtext

Clarke, Jeremiah (ca 1674-1707)
Sheet music for : Piano

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Minuet in C minor -- Urtext


This Minuet in C minor by composer Jeremiah Clarke is very typical of the English Baroque style.

It has a simple A-A-B-A musical form :
  • Measures 1-8 : Phrase A (played twice) in the main key of C minor
  • Measures 9-16 : Phrase B in the relative major key of E flat Major
  • Measures 1-8 : Phrase A played once again
Please take note that the editor has included in this score suggested realizations for the ornaments, in this case shakes (the English equivalent to a trill).

In particular, shakes are played ON the beat, starting with the upper auxiliary note.

We suggest adding a shake to measure 2 in the left hand, in order to imitate the right hand in measure 1. The same is true for measure 6.

Also, we suggest adding a shake to measures 8 and 16. Although this is optional, is adds a nice touch of dissonance to these cadences.

Furthermore, measure 16 bears the indication End with the first strain, meaning that the player should then repeat measures 1-8.

Duration : 01:00

Source : Jeremiah Clarke, Miscellaneous Pieces for the Harpsichord or Spinnet

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