Caux : Finger Action Study

Finger Action Study

Caux, Marie-Andrée (ed.)
Sheet music for : Violin solo

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Finger Action Study

Etude - Étude repeated on the four strings

This Finger Action Study is a basic study of finger action for Grade 1 violin students.

It is to be played in the first position, on all four strings.

Various bowing patterns are suggested in the score :
  • Détaché in all parts of the bow (middle, tip and nut)
  • Slurs : two and four notes per bow
  • Two slurred, two detached
  • One detached, three slurred
  • Three slurred, one detached
This Finger Action Study is an excellent way for the violinist to get acquainted with the notes on each string, in the first position.

Be sure to keep the left hand relaxed and quiet throughout.

Also, the fourth finger must remain above the strings at all times.

Practice also this study in the minor mode, simply by lowering the second finger by half a tone.

Duration : 00:30 per section

Source : Marie-Andrée Caux, Violin Studies for the First Years.

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