Beethoven : Bagatelle Opus 33, No. 3

Bagatelle in F Major, Op. 33, No. 3 -- Urtext

Beethoven, Ludwig van (1770-1827)
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Bagatelle in F Major, Op. 33, No. 3 -- Urtext

Bagatelle in F Major

This tuneful Bagatelle in F Major, Opus 33, No. 3 is perfect for the intermediate to advanced pianist.

It is one of Beethoven's best known bagatelles, and is a favorite among piano players.

It has the following Rondo form :
  • M. 1-8 : Theme made up of two phrases : Phrase A in F Major and Phrase B in D Major
  • Mm. 9-12 : Short contrasting section A in F Major
  • Mm. 13-16 : Phrase A of the theme returns, with a different termination
  • Mm. 17-31 : Contrasting section B starting in F Major and modulating to C Major (m. 26) before going back to F Major (C being its dominant)
  • Mm. 32-39: Theme returns, identical to mm. 1-8
  • Mm. 40-47: Theme repeated, slightly varied
  • Mm. 48-51: Contrasting section A returns, identical to mm. 9-12
  • Mm. 52-55 : Phrase A of the theme returns, identical to mm. 13-16 but with the addition of appoggiaturas in the right hand
  • Mm. 56-59 : Contrasting section A returns, slightly varied
  • Mm. 60-63 : Phrase A of the theme returns, slightly varied
  • Mm. 64-end : Contrasting section B returns, but this time it remains in F Major and ends with a final cadence
In this work, Beethoven makes extensive use of two distinctive features : appoggiaturas and sforzandi, whereby the note is to be played with force and receive a sudden and strong emphasis.

Please take note that according to Beethoven's performance practice, the appoggiaturas (such as in measure 3 or 7) should always begin ON the beat.

Furthermore, the left-hand accompaniment to this Bagatelle is very active, featuring almost never-ending eighth-notes.

Duration : 02:35

Source : Ludwig van Beethoven, Sieben Bagatellen, Op. 33 (London and Vienna, 1803)

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