Bach : Suite 4, BWV 1010 - VI : Bourrée 2

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Suite 4, BWV 1010 (6/7 : Bourrée 2) -- Urtext

Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750)
Sheet music for : Cello solo

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Suite 4, BWV 1010 (6/7 : Bourrée 2) -- Urtext

Bourree 2 - Bouree 2

This Bourrée 2 is the sixth of seven movements in Johann Sebastian Bach's Suite No. 4 in E flat Major, BWV 1010 for violoncello solo.

Bach's six Suites for violoncello solo were composed ca 1720.

This sheet music is an Urtext edition based on the manuscript copy prepared by Bach's wife Anna Magdalena some time between 1727 and 1731.

Please note that the slur between the second and third beats of measure 1 does not appear in the source, but is justified by a similar slur in measure 9.

Furthermore, in Anna Magdalena's manuscript, there is a slur between the first and second beats of measure 1, which we have not reproduced here because we believe it should rather appear between the second and third beats.

Please note also that all bowings and fingerings in this score are editorial.

Duration : 00:55

Source : Johann Sebastian Bach, Six Suites for Violoncello Solo, BWV 1007-1012 (ca 1720)

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