Bach : Invention 5, BWV 776

Invention 5, BWV 776 -- Urtext

Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750)
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Invention 5, BWV 776 -- Urtext

Two-Part Invention No. 5 in E flat Major - Inventio 5

Please note that this score contains suggestions for playing the ornaments in accordance with Baroque performance practice :
  • Mordents (measures 1, 2, etc.) begin on the main note and are played very quickly, with a incisive character
  • Trills (measures 3, 5, etc.) are played ON the beat and begin on the upper auxiliary note
  • Appoggiaturas (measure 32) are played ON the beat and take up two thirds of the main note's value (a dotted eighth note)
  • Descending trill with termination (measure 32) begins with a prefix starting on the note above the principal note, includes several repercussions and ends with a suffix, as shown in our score
Moreover, for the sake of uniformity, the editor suggests adding mordents to measures 16, 23 and 27.

Duration : 01:18

Source : Johann Sebastian Bach, Inventions and Sinfonias, BWV 772-801 (1723)
An earlier version exists in the Clavier-Büchlein vor Wilhelm Friedemann Bach [Little Clavier Book for Wilhelm Friedemann Bach] (1720)

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