Dancla : Study Opus 84, No. 21

Study in G Major, Op. 84, No. 21 (Judas Maccabaeus)

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Dancla, Charles (1817-1907)
Sheet music for : Violin solo

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Study in G Major, Op. 84, No. 21 (Judas Maccabaeus)

Melodious and Very Easy Study - Étude mélodique et très facile - Etude

This Study in G Major, Op. 84, No. 21 is a beautiful Air varié [Varied theme] on Handel's famous chorus See, The Conquering Hero Comes from his oratorio Judas Maccabaeus.

Violinists will recognize this theme, as it is part of violin school programs throughout the world (please refer to Chorus from Judas Maccabaeus for violin and piano arranged for Grade 1 violin students).

This Study in G Major, Op. 84, No. 21 by Charles Dancla is to be played in the first and third positions.

It has the following musical form :
  • Mm. 1-8 : Main theme A in G Major, played entirely in double stops in the first and third positions
  • Mm. 9-16 : Phrase B, a lyrical melody starting in E minor and modulating to the dominant key of D Major
  • Mm. 17-24 : Variation on the main theme, featuring sautillé, chords and rapid triplets
  • Mm. 25-32 : Main theme A returns, in its original version
  • Mm. 32-end : Coda made up of a G Major arpeggio and final chords
This beautiful study is preceded with an exercise in finger action in the key of G Major.

This score includes a suggestion for the correct realization of the appoggiatura ornament in measures 7 and 31.

In particular, the appoggiatura must be played ON the beat and take up one half of the following note's value.

Duration : 02:16

Source : Charles Dancla, 36 Études mélodiques et très faciles pour le violon [36 Melodious and Very Easy Studies for the Violin], Op. 84.

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