Schubert : Lieder with piano accompaniment style=

Schubert : Lieder with piano accompaniment

These Lieder with piano accompaniment by Franz Schubert belong to the Romantic period.

They include among others Schubert's famous Ave Maria, D 839.

The Lied (plural Lieder) is an intimate form of lyrical music closely associated with 19th century European Romantic music.

A lied is a song set to a poem in the German language and arranged for a single singer and piano.

Lieder are typically gathered into a Liederkreis or song cycle, which is a series of songs sharing a common narrative or theme.

Together with Robert Schumann, Schubert is closely associated with this genre of Romantic music, as he composed over 600 lieder, some of which are nowadays considered as masterworks of Romantic music.