Mozart : Menuet K 2

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Menuett in F Major, K 2 -- Urtext

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791)
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Menuett in F Major, K 2 -- Urtext

Minuet - Menuet KV 2 from the Notebook for Nannerl

This Minuet in F Major, K 2 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is part of the Notebook for Nannerl Mozart [Notenbuch für Maria Anna (Nannerl) Mozart], 1759-1764.

This Menuet K 2 was composed in Salzburg in January 1762.

It is appropriate for Grade 1 piano students.

Please note that in this sheet music, all bracketed slurs are editorial, as they do not appear in the source.

Also, we suggest adding a trill to the half-cadence in measure 8.

Such a trill should begin on the upper auxiliary note, ON the beat.

Duration : 00:54

Source : Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Pieces from the Notebook for Nannerl Mozart.

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