Le Couppey, Félix (1811-1887) style=

Le Couppey, Félix (1811-1887)

Félix Le Couppey was a French pianist, composer and pedagogue of the Romantic period.

Félix Le Couppey was a pupil of the Conservatoire de Paris, where, in his 17th year, he became assistant teacher of harmony.

In 1825 he obtained the first prize in pianoforte, and in 1828 the first prize for harmony and accompaniment.

In 1837 Félix Le Couppey became Professeur de solfège at the Paris Conservatoire.

In 1843, he succeeded his master, Dourlen, as teacher of harmony and accompaniment until 1854.

From 1854 to 1886 he was teacher of pianoforte.

Félix Le Couppey composed many studies and pedagogical works for the piano.

His work entitled Cours de piano includes ABC du piano, L'Alphabet, Le Progrès, L'Agilité, Le Style and La Difficulté.

Félix Le Couppey also wrote L'École du mécanisme du piano, L'Art du piano, De l'enseignement du piano and Conseils aux femmes professeurs (1865).